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Pestilence is searching for new recruits. We play all aspects of the sport and welcome players of all skill levels. If your the type of person who is always wanting to play but can never get anyone to go with you, then Pestilence is just what you need. We play all year round. If you like to play a lot, we will be there with you. If you only want to play a couple scenarios every year, we will be there as well. So no matter what you paintball preference is, Pestilence will be apart of it. Get in touch with us now and find your place in Pestilence.

To be apart of Pestilence all you need to do is ask. As long you are respectful player you will be welcomed to the team.

Clips From Skeletor's Videos

Command & Conquer and Training Day.

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Special Recognition

Last weekend we had a great time at sherwood forest. Pestilence is proud to have been given this by Chuck, Runnin-man.


Special Deal From Ultimate Paintball

Our sponsor has given me a promo code that can be used on their website. Just enter PESTILENCE in the coupon code section to receive free shipping on orders over 75 bux. I hope this helps some players out.

Our Story

My name is Keith Voogd, and I love paintball. After playing for 4 years, I wanted to start up my own team with my friends. This desire turned into my team, Pestilence, which was formed as a side project in 2003, and based out of the Chicago suburbs. Ever since we started playing, we felt that paintball trumps any other sport on the planet. We found it to be so much fun and thought of it as a good infection that gets under your skin, and leaves you wanting to play more, making it impossible for you not to play again. We played a few times wearing iron-on jerseys but that was it. A couple of us got recruited on to a larger Scenario team, Rarebreed "Woot Woot". We played with them for a few years, but our desire to play was so great, we then would play on different friends' teams, including Bloodbath and Beyond and Dead Guys. It's now 2011, and Pestilence has sat dormant for too long.


The Future

It is time to expand and play in some tournaments. We currently have a 3 man team and would like to slowly build that up to a 7 man team by recruiting new players and seeing if they have what it takes to be tournament players. Tournament players, however; are not the only players we are looking for. Whether you like Speedball or Scenario, we play it all. As long as you are a respectful person we would love to play with you. If you are new to the game, our experienced teammates can show you the ropes. If you already feel you are a god amongst mortals, come on out and see if we don't keep you on your toes. Contact the team and let us know about any events or days that you would like to play. You can also check out our calendar to find events we plan on attending. Throughout the years, every team we played for was awarded some sort of recognition. As Pestilence we plan to keep tradition going with hard work and respect for our fellow players. If paintball is your infection, then Pestilence is your team.